E60DN 3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System

( Overview

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The E60DN 3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System is a new type of electrometer. It uses program-controlled electrodes and data acquisition and the data is presented graphically in real-time for ease of real-time monitoring of data quality.

This device can operate all kinds for high-density resistivity tests, and has customizable data acquisition monitoring capabilities. Because the device has a built-in high performance computer, when matched with suitable data processing software, is fully capable of doing on-site data processing. This device can be widely applied in areas such as traffic, energy, urban construction, industrial and civil buildings, geological environment surveying, environmental disaster assessment, and preventative dike maintenance surveying. The E60DN main unit is capable of all device-based electrical methodology surveying, including electrical depth sounding, combined profiling, and 2 and 3 dimensional high density resistivity surveying.

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( Main Function

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( Main Features

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. 1. Using a distributed design and 9-pin cables, the system is capable of connecting 65535 electrodes to meet the needs of profiling and 3D high density surveying.
2. Besides standard high density equipment, it also has an open electrode editing system, allowing the user to arbitrarily define the input voltages and other parameters of the powered electrodes AB and measurement electrodes MN as needed.
3. It has a binning filter to effectively suppress ground electrical interference, raising the signal to noise ratio.
4. Ground resistance testing and electrode self-test capability gives maximum assurance on the quality of the test materials. It has real-time display of the resistivity diagram, current positions of the powered and measurement electrodes, supply current, and potential curve.
5. Data acquisition can be stopped at any point to undergo electrode shielding, outlier filtering, or applying new settings. Electrode Switch Main Features:
1. Self-addressing; code runs after connecting with E60DN.
2. Built-in microprocessor handles commands from the main computer to control workflow.
3. Up to 20 m between nodes satisfies most surveying needs.
4. Small, light, and sturdy design, well-suited for field work.
5. Power supply cables and measurement cables have different diameters and shielding to meet the needs of using high current while minimizing inter-cable interference.

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( Technical Specifications

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Maximum number of electrodes: 65535
A/D converter: 24 bits
Maximum peak power output: 400 Vpp/1 App (built-in power source)
Pulse type: square wave (duty cycle 50%)
Pulse length: 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s (selectable)
Display and Recording:  
Central Processor: Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU N455 @1.66GHz, 1.67 GHz
RAM: 1.00GB
Built-in hard drive: 250GB
Monitor: 10.1" LED-backlit LCD screen WSVGA (1024 x 600)
Keyboard: membrane keyboard and touchpad
Ports: standard USB
Input power: 12V DC
Recording Format: GeoPen format/ABEM format/text
Environmental Requirements:  
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 degrees C
Storage temperature: -40 to 70 degrees C
Operating humidity: 95%
The operating environment:  
Operating system: Windows 7
Size: 360mm×230mm×100mm ;6Kg
交流输入: 170~264V AC 47~63Hz(660VA)
直流输出: 程控8档可选48V--288V(15A)
体积重量: 300mm×170mm×190mm;8.5Kg
操作温度: -20℃~+50℃
储藏温度: -40℃~+70℃
操作湿度: =95%
极限内压: 800Vpp/3App
供电线线间电阻RAB: 10Ω /100米
测量线线间电阻RMN: 24Ω/100米
静态功耗: 12V 30mA
电缆直径: φ6mm
电缆重量: 5Kg / 80米
开关体积: φ15X150mm
开关电缆抗拉强度: 200N
开关抗压强度: 50Kg/cm2
开关寿命: 10万次
防水等级: IP54级(防尘、防雨)
环境温度: -20 C ~ +50 C
电源容量: 12V 4AH (可供10串PS-2开关电缆连续工作10小时)
充电时间: 4~6小时
体积: 160mm×80mm×60mm
重量: 0.7Kg
操作温度: -10℃~+50℃
储藏温度: -40℃~+70℃
操作湿度: ≤95%

( Standard Software

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E60DN 2D High Density Resistivity Acquisition Software contains the function of data collection, storage, replay and exporting.

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Main Features for RES-2D High Density Resistivity Acquisition Software:
1. Self checking for electrode state, ground connect and CPU functionalities.
2. High density data acquisition in standard configuration or customized configuration.
3. Real time monitoring on electrode state and the shifting direction.
4. Real time graphic displaying of voltages, currents and resistivities.
5. Data acquisition progress can be paused and resume at any point.
6. Faulty electrode detection and blocking function.
7. Continuous data back up; secure data in case of faulty electrode.
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8. 8 data collecting configurations can be set and activated using "rolling technique".
9. Parameters can be set to match the testing condition; in manual mode, the data collection pauses after every layer and waits for user command to continue.
10. Power supply and signal gain can be set for every layer; layers can be disabled and enabled.
11. Automatic outliner elimination by standard deviation tracking.

Main Features for E60DN 3D High Density Resistivity Acquisition Software

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1. Tabular display of self-checking result of electrode states and ground connects.
2. Real time display of the locations of the power source and of the active data collecting.
3. Real time tabular display of voltages, currents, calculated resistivities and standard deviations.
4. (same as number three??)
5. Pause and resume at any point of data acquisition.
6. Continuous data back-up; secure data in cases of accidental shut down.
7. Progress is saved to avoid repetitive work.

E60DEDIT Customized Surveying Software

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Designed for E60D/E60DN Main Features::
1. Customized data collection and power source can be built up from the basic configuration, to fulfill specific testing requirement
2. States of acquisition, copies of data, gain, power source voltage, source frequency, signal compensation and bandwidth filter can be set as parameters.
3. Changes can be made through editing user input files.
4. E60DN takes the user input file and collects data according to the parameters in it

E60SOUNDING Electrical Depth Mapping Software:
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E60SOUNDING普通电测深 E60高精度高密度电测深

1. Real time display of depth mapping as well as supply current and measured voltage
2. Display of parameters (time, gain) for every sensor
3. Dynamic editing the location of power supplies and electrodes is possible during data acquisition

E60 High Precision High Density Electrode Depth Mapping Software:
1. Non-polarizing electrode is used for high precision measurement
2. Real time display of resistivity tomography and depth curve
3. Number of points on the horizontal and vertical plane can be set manually.



( Possible Extensions

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E60DN 3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System Standard Setup:
Index Name Model Quantity Comment
1 Electrode Switches Chain (8 per chain, 5m apart) PS2-5 1

( Recommended Configuration

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E60DN 3D Multi-Electrode Resistivity Survey System Standard Setup:
Index Name Model Quantity Comment
1 Main STATION E60DN 1
2 Power Adapter AC-DN 1
3 DC power cord DC-L 1
4 Ground line GC-L 1
5 Equipment case BY-1 1
6 Electrode switch chain (8 per chain, 10m apart) PS2-10 16
7 Connection cable EC-L 2
8 Stainless steel electrode P10-40 130
9 Lithium battery PSB1084
10 Cable box BB-1 6