EM96NT 4D fluid Surveying System

( Overview

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The EM96NT 4D fluid mineral dynamics electrical method measuring system is a newly developed system for dynamic surveying of the scale, space and time occurrence of fluid minerals. It uses 4D measurement of electric potential to monitor the dynamics of the fluid minerals. By sampling electric potential in multiple areas at multiple times, the system can deduce the 4D conditions of the fluid minerals. Using a distributed design, the system is composed of receiver, data acquisition station, data transmission cables, electrodes, emitter and generator. The receiver is integrated into a high performance laptop using Windows operating system, data storage is on a high capacity hard disk, data transmission is through USB ports, and collected data can be viewed graphically. The data acquisition station has 12 channels, data acquisition, storage, and transmission capabilities, and is can be expanded to include more channels. The cables are set for digital transmission; lane distance and line distance can be set as needed (up to 55 m). The transmitter and generator can, as required, be configured as high, medium and low power. The transmitter has variable frequency capability and can use different frequencies for different targets for a deeper probe. The system uses parallel connections to quickly interpret multiple sensor values, conclusively determining the fluid mineral's direction of motion.

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( Main Function

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( Main Features

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1. Uses parallel data acquisition (a single power input is detected by multiple nodes) and AC power supply to realize high speed data acquisition, greatly increasing job efficiency and avoiding the lack of frequency domain information from using DC power. In addition, this effectively suppresses spontaneous changes in interference currents of the earth's surface, causing each node's signal to superposition over uniform background noise, avoiding the random noise and natural radiation field noise associated with traditional point-by-point measurement. Finally, the distributed design largely overcomes magnetic interference of the wires.
2. Because of the data acquisition system's distributed design, each data acquisition unit has independent high precision, high dynamic range data channels. Thanks to the 12 channel design of each module, the surveying system has a more versatile and easy set-up. Cables are used to connect the main control unit with the data acquisition units, enabling real-time data transmission.
3. The transmitter and receiver is outfitted with GPS and ultra-shortwave radio synchronization, enabling more effective near- and far-field transmission.
4. The is power and frequency of the digitally synthesized high power controllable signal source can be adjusted as the situation requires.
5. The system is small and designed for practical field use. Its casing is made from aluminum alloy and is sturdy and durable.

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( Technical Specifications

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Data streaming port: 1个(4Mbps)
Communication frequency: 433MHz
Software: monitoring system customization and data acquisition
Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
Standby operating time: 8 hours
Physical properties:
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 deg C
Storage temperature: -20 to 50 deg C
Power consumption: <10W
Weight: 2.5kg
Size: 300x200x100mm
Casing: sealed cast aluminium alloy
Main processor: Intel pentium 500 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Hard drive: 10 GB
Monitor: 1024×512, 8x4吋 TFT
Data interface: 2 USB ports

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