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G-ATEM Ground-Air TEM Acquisition System

( Overview

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Created by GeoPen, G-ATEM is the world's premier Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) -based surveying system. Its primary function is transient EM surveying difficult regions such as mountainous terrain, inter-tidal zones, rivers, and deserts. The system is composed of a flying platform, a ground station, acquisition system, and signal generator system, and is a modern example of smooth integration of UAVs and surveying.


( Main Function

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UAV TEM surveying, widely applicable in mineral surveying, groundwater surveying, engineering surveying, and natural disaster surveying.


( Main Features

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1. Fast aerial data collection, automatic data storage, superpositions 16 sets of data per second
2. Data includes GPS position
3. Low requirements for landing site; capable of hovering
4. Efficient data acquisition; 5 minutes per kilometer.
5. Dense data points; up to 4m density
6. Simple control; manual control and ground station control; one-click take-off and landing
7. Long flight-time; under mild wind condition, flight time of 30-40 minutes
8. Supports path planning, up to 50 waypoints.

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( Technical Specifications

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【Flight Platform】
Model: quadrotor or hexrotor
operating temperature: -10 °C to +40 °C
motor axis distance: 1050mm
motor arm length: 380mm
motor arm weight: 700g (includes motor, ESC, propeller)
central disc diameter: 400mm
central disc weight: 1330g (includes landing gear, mounts, and servos)
landing gear size: 310mm (L) x 510mm (lower W) x 250mm (H) (upper W: 300mm)
size: 86.8×26.5mm
kV: 170 RPM/V (quadrotor) 100 RPM/V (hexrotor)
max power: 750W (kV100) 1300W (kV170)
weight: 260g
Electronic Speed Controller (ESC):
max current: 30A (quadrotor) 70A (hexrotor)
max voltage: 6S LiPo (quadrotor) 12S LiPo (hexrotor)
operating signal frequency: 50Hz ~ 432Hz
weight: 31g (quadrotor) 82g (hexrotor) (includes heat sink)
size: 26x8.5in carbon fiber (quadrotor) 18x6in wooden (hexrotor)
weight: 76.4g (quadrotor) 30g (hexrotor)
Flight parameters
Takeoff weight: 7.0Kg
aircraft weight: 5.4Kg
battery: LiPo (6S 24 Ah 3C)
maximum power: 5200W
hovering power: 600W (at takeoff weight of 7.0 kg)
hovering time: 40 min (at 24 Ah and takeoff weight 7.0kg)
Flight control system:
Operating System: Windows 8
hover precision: vertical: 0.5m, horizontal: 2m
wind rejection: < 8m/s (17.7mph)
vertical speed: 6m/s
flight features: loss-of-communication hover, stabilizing control system, low-voltage protection, return-to-home, automatic landing
flight system: DJI-WKM
operating temperature: -5°C to +60°C
【Ground Station】
Software language: English, simplified Chinese
waypoint parameters: height, longitude, latitude, flight speed, orientation, turn mode, hover time
missions: aerial photography, payload
modes: patrol or single flight
map info: Google Earth 3D GIS
safety measures: automatic hover mode or return-to-home mode
digital avionics: GPS, flight speed, attitude, elevation, wireless signal strength, position, throttle position, servo voltage
Communication System: Hardware port:RS-232, rate: 900 MHz
baud rate: 11,5200 bps
range: open ground ≤10km (900M station 2dbiantenna)
control modes: manual/attitude/GPS attitude/GPS tracking/joystick/keyboard
takeoff/landing: manual, partially automated, fully automated
flight modes: Simulation environment available to familiarize oneself with controls
【Transmitting Unit】
EMT1000 Emitter:
1 base frequency: 3.125hz - 25 Hz
2 input power: 12V-48V DC or 220V 50Hz AC
3 max output current: 40A
4 max output voltage: 1000V
5 max power: 2.5KW
6 wave form: square
7 synchronization: GPS timing
8 size (L x W x H): 310×220×350mm
9 weight: 5.0Kg
10 operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +50℃
【Receiving Unit】
EM3W G-A EM acquisition station:
1 number of channels:: 3
2 channel gain: 1-64 (selectable)
3 dynamic range: 126dB
4 AD conversion: △∑ 24bit
5 superposition: 1-4096 times
6 superposition rate: 16 times/second (25 Hz base frequency)
7 battery: 7.2V/ 1.6Ah, up to 10h operating time
8 operating environment: -20 to 65℃, rain-proof
9 acquisition station: handheld, rain and dirt-proof, removable Li battery, <250g
10 channels: each unit has 3 24bit high precision channels
11 synchronization: GPS error < 30ns, position error 3m
12 data storage: high capacity microSD card (4-16GB), each unit has a unique 64bit identifier
13 file format: automatic naming convention according to time
14 start select: manual set, wireless synchronization, schedule-based
15 receiving area: equivalent to 100 square meters

( Expandable Peripherals

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