SE2404EI Integrated Seismograph

( Overview

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The SE2404EI 24/48 Integrated Seismograph is an integrated seismic surveying system with 24 high precision recording channels (expandable to 48 channels) and selectable telemetry encoder and decoder. Its built-in high performance computer is used for data acquisition and processing while retaining the functions of a personal computer.

The SE2404EI Integrated Engineering Surveying System uses ΔΣ24 bit high precision, high speed analog to digital converter, and has a sampling period as low as 25 micro seconds and a dynamic range of 131 dB.

The SE2404EI equipment is light and portable (the main unit weighs 10.5 kg), features a fully Chinese user interface, can be widely used fields such as traffic, energy, industry and civil construction foundation surveying, and environmental monitoring. Highly recommended: the BOMTEX II telemetry explosive unit is a light, flexible, easy-to-use, reliable remote explosive device. It has precise detonation timing, flexible communications protocol, and satisfies all the requirements of modern high-precision surveying and possible future network-based surveying

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( Main Function

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1. Shallow reflected wave surveying
2. Shallow refracted wave surveying
3. Transient Rayleigh wave surveying
4. Wave speed testing
5. Microtremor testing
6. Pile foundation small strain integrity testing
7. Elastic wave CT (computed tomography)
8. Seismic imaging

( Main Features

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1. can be equipped with remote control encoder and decoder.
2. expandable to 48 channels.
3. contains all functionality needed for all types of shallow surface seismic surveying.
4. built in "scroll wheel" functionality for simultaneous data acquisition of multiple overlapping regions
5. supports mechanical, explosive, random and electric spark seismic sources
6. optional floating cables, swamp cables for shallow-water surveying
7. windows XP operating system, Chinese software comes standard, English version also available
8. main unit contains sealed keyboard and touchpad
9. USB port
10. synchronization methods include internal, external, signal-based, TTL, remote detonator

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( Technical Specifications

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Data Acquisition:
Number of channels: 24 / 48
Sampling period: 25 us - 10 ms (selectable)
Bandwidth: 0.1 Hz - 5000 Hz (selectable)
Filter: low pass,
high pass selectable,
band stop 50/60 Hz
A/D (IFP's) precision: ΔΣ24bit
Computing precision: 32 bit
Equivalent noise: 1μV, RFI (at 2.0ms sampling rate)
Cross-channel interference: >80 dB
Harmonic distortion: -114 dB (at 2.0ms sampling rate)
Display and Data Storage:
Main processor: Intel Pentium III
RAM: 256 MB
Hard drive: 30GB
Monitor: 1024×768 14" SVGA
Ports: USB
Data storage format: SEG2, SEGY, and GeoPen data format
System Diagnostics Criteria:
Static noise, cross-channel consistency, cross-channel isolation
Main Unit Physical Properties:
Size: 390×248×100 mm
weight: 10.5kg
Operating Environment:
Operating temperature: -20 to 50 deg C
Storage temperature: -40 to 70 deg C
Operating humidity: 0~95%
BOMTEX II digital remote explosive unit technical specifications:
remote range: (open ground) 5-7 km
frequency range: 225-233MHz / 10W / 16 channel
detonation voltage: 500V
detonation interval: 20S
detonation error: <25us
trigger time calibration: using well channel and TB channel
standby battery life: 36H
Seismic Data acquisition software:
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Software Functions
shallow-depth reflective wave surveying data acquisition; shallow-depth refractive wave surveying data acquisition; transient Rayleigh wave surveying data acquisition; seismic topological imaging data acquisition; pile foundation dynamics parameters testing data acquisition.

Software Features
Fully Chinese Interface; in-field static noise real-time monitoring; "rolling" superpositioning acquisition; easy-to-check sensor resistance; real-time adjustment of single-channel gains; arbitrary channel assignment for data acquisition

System Diagnostics Software:
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Software Function
System static-noise monitoring, cross-channel consistency, cross-channel isolation

Software Features
Fully Chinese Interface; test data stored separately; automatic display of test results; test results saved as text or Excel format on hard drive.

microtremor data acquisition software/wave speed test (P and S wave testing) data acquisition software/ seismic imaging data acquisition software:
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microtremor data acquisition software features:
fully Chinese interface; real-time frequency spectrum display; data saved in SEG2, SEGY format

wave speed testing (P and S wave testing) data acquisition software features:
fully Chinese interface; "reverse" wave display for aid in identifying S waves; data saved in SEG2, SEGY format; orthogonal superposition

seismic imaging data acquisition software features:
fully Chinese interface; real-time in-field static noise monitoring; supports single-channel or multi-channel data acquisition; manual and automatic superpositioning


( Expandable peripherals

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24 channels expandable to 48 channels:
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1. increase number of channels from 24 to 48, doubling data collection power
2. use built-in "rolling switch" technique for easy surveying
3. channels 1-48 can be arbitrarily set, allowing for multiple usages
4. world's smallest 48 channel full functionality seismometer

random impulse seismic source and artificial seismic source:
1. works with random impulse seismic source and artificial seismic source
2. uses impulse signal to undergo superpositioning
3. uses relevant sensors to undergo superpositioning
4. real-time data amelioration, greatly improving noise-rejection
5. works with all types of seismic surveying
6. built-in "rolling switch" for simultaneous multi-area coverage

BS600 mechanical seismic generator primary technical specifications:
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impulse seismic source real-time superpositioning data acquisition software:
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software function
this software uses random impulse seismic sources to conduct superpositioning for data acquisition. uses mechanical seismic source to conduct seismic reflective wave and shallow-depth seismic refractory waves surveying.
relevant channels can use any data recording channel, or can use dedicated hardware.

software features
real-time monitoring of in-field static noise; "rolling switch" superpositioning; sensor resistance monitoring; on-site change gain adjustment; data format in SEG2, SEGY

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◆using a hammer as seismic source poor stochastic properties of source, causing correlated noise good stochastic properties of source
(orthogonal superpositioning 10 times, gain of -60dB) (monitoring system as above, recording time 16s, display gain -90dB) (monitoring system as above, recording time 16s, display gain -90dB)

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seismic cables surface wave cables sensors microtremor probe
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electric spark seismic emitter downhole sensor series wave speed probe

( Suggested Setup

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suggested setup (24ch)
IndexProduct NameIdentifierQty
1Main Unit(24 ch)SE2404EI1
2AC adapterAC-EI1
3External power supply cableDCL-11
4Contact plugTG-11
5Contact switchHS-12
6Equipment caseBY-22
7Explosives unit 1
8Seismic cables(node separation 5m)ASC-12-52
9Surface wave cables(node separation 2m)ASC-12-21
10Seismic sensor(60Hz)PS-60A24
11Surface wave sensor(4.5Hz)PS-4.5B12
12Transient surface wave processing softwareGEOPULSATE1
13Shallow-depth processing softwareGEOVEL1
14Microtremor equipment and softwareGEOPILE1
15Wave speed testing equipment and softwareGEOPULSATE1
16Pile foundation testing equipment and softwareGEORWA4.01
17Seismic imaging equipment and softwareGPSEIS1
18Accessory caseBB-12
other peripherals:
IndexProduct NameIdentifierQty
1Seismic cables(10m node separation)ASC-12-102
2Seismic sensor(100Hz)PS-100A24
3expandable random seismic data related moduleEX-R1
4Random seismic generator德国威克1
524 ch to 48 ch upgrade moduleEX-241
6Remote explosives unitBOMTEX 21
7Electric spark seismic source(2000 J)PS-100A1
8Downhole CT sensor series(12 channels,2m between channels)CTC-12-21
9Seismic CT processing software 1
suggested setup (48 ch):
IndexProduct NameIdentifierQty
1Main Unit(48ch)SE2404EI1
2AC adapterAC-EI1
3External power supply cableDCL-11
4Contact plugTG-11
5Contact switchHS-12
6Equipment caseBY-21
7Explosives unit 1
8Seismic cable(10m 50pin)ASC-24-10A4
9Surface wave cable(2m)ASC-12-22
10Seismic sensor(60Hz)PS-60A48
11Surface wave sensor(4.5Hz)PS-4.5B24
12Transient surface wave processing softwareGEORWA4.01
13Shallow-depth processing softwareGPSEIS1
14Accessory caseBB-14
other peripherals:
IndexProduct NameIdentifierQty
1Microtremor testing equipment and softwareGEOPULSATE1
2Wave speed testing equipment and softwareGEOVEL1
3Pile foundation testing equipment and softwareGEOPILE1
4Seismic imaging equipment and softwareGEOPULSATE1
5Seismic cable(5m 50pin)ASC-24-52
6expandable random seismic data moduleEX-R1
7Random seismic generatorPS-100A1
8Remote explosives unitBOMTEX 21
9Electric spark seismic source(2000J)PS-100A1
10Seismic sensor(100Hz)PS-100A48
11Downhole CT sensor series (12ch, 2m separation)CTC-12-21
12Seismic CT processing software 1