Monitoring and Inspection

SRS64 Multi-channel Ultrasonic Detecting System

( Overview

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With the increasing scales and costs of bridge construction, large-scale bridges play an ever increasing role both the national economy and social life; people's show growing concern in their safety and durability. To reasonably evaluate the state of health of bridges first requires the identification and location of any damages in the bridge structure — the topic of how to do this is an important question in today's engineering world. Recent years in particular have seen an increase in damage, aging, and disease in concrete bridges throughout the nation, showing an urgent need for research in bridge structure inspection technology. The SRS64 multichannel ultrasound tomography system has a distributed design, has multiple channels, is easy to use, and can be used with various models of vibration sources — in other words, it effectively avoids the low number of channels and low work efficiency common with centralized ultrasound inspection systems. In solving the difficult problem of quick and effective inspection technology, this product is an optimal choice for large-scale concrete structure full-body inspection.

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( Main Function

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1. Large-scale concrete structure ultrasound tomography.
2. Transmission wave acoustic wave speed test.
3. Ultra-shallow Rayleigh wave surveying.

( Main Features

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1. Usage of 2-channel units in distributed system design.
2. Main STATION performs automatic addressing of multi-channel system.
3. Maximum sampling rate at 1000 Hz.
4. Maximum transmission rate 2M.
5. System is compatible with multiple types of vibration sources.

( Pictures

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Core processor: Intel Pentium 500 MHz processor
Memory: 118 MB
Hard drive: 10GB
Monitor: 1024×512 8" SVGA
Keyboard: sealed membrane keyboard and mouse
Ports: standard USB
Data format: SEG2, SEGY, and GeoPen custom data format
Operating method: mouse and keyboard
Operating system: Windows 2000
Environment Requirements
Temperature (operating): -10 to 50 deg C
Temperature (storage): -40 to 70 deg C
Operating Humidity: 0~95%

( Standard Software

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( Possible Extensions

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( Recommended Configuration

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SRS64+ Ultrasonic Detecting and Tomography Imagining System Recommended Configuration:
Index Name Model Quantity Comment
1 Main STATION SRS64+ 1
2 Ultrasonic Data Acquisition Software 1
3 Data Processing Software 1
4 Power adapter AC-SRS 1
5 Main STATION Case BY-1 1
6 Main Cord DML-20 1
7 Data Collection Chain (8 channels/chain, 0.5m apart) SRS8A 8
8 Solenoid Vibration Source SMST-5 1
9 Hammer Vibration Source 1
10 Instrument Box BB-1 2