About us

GeoPen Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,

GeoPen Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., located at Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone Zhuyuan Road Yard 12 Building 21, specializes in the design and manufacture of geophysics instruments. Our products include seismometers, electrometers, and electromagnetometers. We are organized into two subsidiaries: GeoPen Trading (Beijing) is responsible for sales, leasing and providing data management services; Beijing GeoPen Engineering Technologies undertakes projects involving subsurface surveying, as well as provides consulting services.

Since our founding, GeoPen has continued to be on the leading edge of geophysics instrument research. Our products include engineering seismometers, high density electrometers, cable-free seismometers, micro-seismic monitoring systems, transient electromagnetometers, 4D fluid surveying systems, 2D and 3D earthquake distributed remote sensing systems, multipurpose electrometer workstations, non-destructive large-scale non-metal structure supersonic monitoring systems, underground water monitoring systems, and urban environment monitoring systems. We provide both software and hardware. Past and existing product uses include oil surveying, coal surveying, mining, metallurgy, geology, hydroelectricity, urban construction, and environmental protection. We are proud to claim significant impacts in the above fields, having worked with both government and military projects, providing services ranging from technological support to holistic solutions.

Through 30 years of excellence in providing high value products in conjunction with outstanding technical support and after-sales services, our client base has grown to include not only customers at the district, provincial, and national level in China, but abroad in America, Canada, Russia, and Japan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates as well. With branches in North America, Japan and Singapore, we operate a smooth chain of research, manufacturing, sales, and customer service. Our hiring process focuses on technical expertise; our staffs include engineers experienced in sales, technical support, and manufacturing.

We are dedicated to specialized development. Besides our three main lines of 20-plus products, we are actively researching marine and aerial surveying equipment, as well as satellite applications. Our products have received the national technology advancement award, national invention award, and ministerial level technology award on numerous occasions. We own all intellectual property rights on our products.